The problem is mainly attributed to the failure of valves and veins to regulate the blood flow in one direction. They can no longer essentially support the flow of blood when a person is standing. Additionally the capillaries are burdened with excessive blood flow to start leaking blood cells leading to discolouration of the skin. 

The oxygenation of the skin causes the skin to alter ultimately leading to ulcers on the skin and various other skin changes.


What are the key factors causing Varicose Veins?


Some of the following reasons can lead to a person developing the disease:


Genetics – if any of your parents were known to have Varicose Veins then the probability of you developing the problem is increased. In fact it is believed that in 70% of the cases with the problem were due to a history of the problem in the family.

Pregnancy – as many as 80% of women can develop some form of Varicose Veins during the first trimester of pregnancy. The pressure of the uterus on the Venous return to lead to separation of the valves which can lead to them not functioning. The problem can be experienced at any pregnancy for the woman.


Many people also attribute Varicose Veins to obesity, but from our experience, we also see problem in thinner patients. Even sports and fitness conscious people can experience the problem.


Your occupation can also be a potential cause of Varicose Veins. If your job requires you to stand for long periods of time throughout the day then this can lead to Varicose Veins